Did The Vikings Wear Thor’s Hammer?

Did The Vikings Wear Thor’s Hammer?

Like other societies of ancient culture, Vikings also used to wear some symbols that were representative of their cultural and religious beliefs.

For example, they used to wear the viking thor’s hammer pendant to honor their gods. Viking’s believed that Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) symbolized their god’s blessings as it protected them against all kinds of evils. 

Throughout the years, archaeologists have made many discoveries where jewelry and other ornaments were found bearing this symbol.

In addition, this hammer was known to greatly help in battles and carried magical consecrating properties. 

What Did The Viking Believe About Thor?

Did The Vikings Wear Thor's Hammer?

According to Viking mythology, Thor was the Norse god of thunder and the strongest warrior. He was identified with Jupiter (Roman god of thunder) due to his great strength and power.

The god’s depiction is associated with strength, fertility, and protection by his mighty hammer, Mjolnir.

Vikings believed that Thor was the god of everyone, and he blessed every single life on earth. Thor was the ultimate savior for Vikings, and they believed he protected them during battles by providing strength and courage.

Another common belief was that Thor blessed people, their life, and marriages and offered rainfall for cultivation.

What Is Special About Thor’s Hammer?

The crossguard or the head of Mjolnir is shaped like an ancient thunder symbol that several cultures used to represent lightning bolts.

Thor’s Hammer is known for its magical powers that protect warriors by enhancing their strength through its heavenly powers.

Apart from battles, Mjolnir was also treated as a holy symbol that blessed people with its power.

Archaeological discoveries have led to the discovery of many Viking hammer pendants worn as a good luck charm for protection against evil and good fortune.

The main purpose of wearing this symbol was to show honor towards their god Thor and to ask the god for blessings.

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The Origins Of Thor’s Hammer

Did The Vikings Wear Thor's Hammer?

As per the myths and common folklore, dwarves forged out Thor’s hammer. Furthermore, these tales state that Loki was responsible for Mjolnir’s creation and short-handle structure.

Thor’s mischievous brother Loki one day cuts off Sif’s (Thor’s wife) hair. Loki did this to cause trouble for Thor, but things get heated as Thor gets angry at Loki.

To make for his doing, Loki discovers dwarves and convinces them to make beautiful real gold hair for Sif. 

When dwarves agreed to Loki’s request, he used his wit and called out for a smithing contest for dwarves. Different groups of dwarves with different skill-set participated in the contest.

One group, the Sons of Ivaldi, has created a magnificent boat for Freya, golden hair for Sif, and a powerful spear for the might Odin. 

After hearing this, Loki challenges dwarf brothers Brokkr and Eitri to something as magnificent as the Sons of Ivaldi.

Loki was so confident in his bet that he betted his head for the bet. The brothers accepted Loki’s challenge and started to work on something special.

They decided to craft a ring for Odin, a shiny golden boar for Freya, and one mighty hammer for Thor. 

However, while the dwarf brothers were working on the hammer, a fly bit Brokkr. The fly could have been shape-shifting Loki, trying to distract the brothers.

The first bite didn’t affect Brokkr. However, the fly bites him right in the eye the second time, making him blind.

This hinders Brokkr’s vision, and as a result, the handle of Mjolnir was created shorter than normal. 

Dwarves won the bet, but Loki tricked them out by saying that he only offered his head, not his neck.

Fortunately, Loki was not beheaded, but the dwarves did sew his mouth shut for all the trouble and mischief he brought. 

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What kind of jewelry did the Vikings have?

What kind of jewelry did the Vikings have?
viking thor’s hammer pendant

The Vikings used to wear jewelry made from wood, bone, and other materials. Most of their jewelry was carved and hand-made by their artisans.

The archeologists commonly found artifacts were pendants and brooches resembling Mjolnir in some way or other.

Thor’s hammer was engraved in an upside-down T shape position on most jewelry with a heavy side of the hammer at the bottom.

Mostly, jewelry items were designed to either fasten their clothing or protect certain body parts. Bracelets, necklaces, buckles, armbands, and brooches were the popular jewelry items among Vikings.

All these items were designed to symbolize religious beliefs and holy events. The main purpose behind marking Thor’s hammer on jewelry items was to endear and express love or respect towards their god, Thor.

One of the most commonly worn accessories was the viking thor’s hammer pendant. These pendants were worn to display their love and respect towards their god Thor.

The main purpose behind wearing these pendants was to protect warriors from evil and gain the mighty Thor’s blessings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Viking hammer necklace mean?

The Vikings used Thor’s hammer necklace to show their respect and get blessings from their mighty god Thor.

The main purpose behind wearing this pendant was to protect warriors from evil and gain the mighty Thor’s blessings.

2. What is Thor’s hammer a symbol of?

Thor’s hammer is a symbol of protection and strength. It represents the courage, power, and honor of those who wear it.

In addition, Thor’s hammer is an ancient sign of thunder used by several cultures to represent lightning bolts.

3. Did Vikings wear Thor’s hammer?

Yes. Vikings wore Thor’s hammer as a good luck charm for protection against evil and good fortune. Vikings mainly wore Thor’s hammer during battle as they believed it enhanced their strength and courage while fighting against enemies on the battlefield. 

Final Words

Thor’s hammer is an ancient weapon that was treated heavenly by Vikings for its immense power and as a symbol to worship their God, Thor.

The Vikings believed to have adopted this symbol to get blessings and protection from Thor. It was common among Vikings to wear jewelry with carvings of Mjolnir and use hammers for fighting in battles. For them, Thor’s hammer was their savior, and it brought fortune to them. 

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