What Hairstyle Did Vikings Have?

What Hairstyle Did Vikings Have?

Vikings are known for their violent conquests, ruthless trading, larger-than-life-attitude and courageous exploration.

However, their unique appearance, especially, viking leather hair tie, also made a great impression wherever they went.

The common hairstyle among all Viking men resembles the modern-day “reverse mullet” style, where the side of the head is shaved while the rest of the hair is grown long. 

What Were Common Hairstyles For Viking Men? 

This hairstyle was quite fascinating at the same time, giving the ruthless warrior look to Vikings. They are an interesting warrior society because of their fearless, dominating nature and stylish appearance.

However, the most interesting part of Viking fashion was their bold and unique hairstyle. Here’s everything you need to know about the hairstyle of Vikings.  

What Hairstyle Did Vikings Have?

Most people believe that all Viking men had long blonde hair and blue eyes. However, this fact is not entirely true.

Vikings hailing from different parts had different colored hair and different hairstyles. While some men had hair in the long to short range, others simply had shaved head.

Another notable style among Viking people was reverse mullet made with viking leather hair tie. Here, take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles of Vikings society:

1. Long Hair 

Long hair was common among all Viking men. However, what made them quite different from modern men was that they didn’t have a particular length of hair.

While some had longish hair reaching their shoulder, others had very short hairstyles. They simply believe in keeping their hair at an appropriate length to suit the occasion and style.

2. Viking Formal Hairstyle 

Vikings were known for their unique appearance wherever they went, and one of the fascinating aspects of their fashion was haircuts.

Viking formal hairstyle resembled “reverse mullet,” where sides of the head were shaved while the rest of the hair was grown long.

3. Short Hair 

Some Viking men preferred to keep their hair short, which gave them a clean-cut look. Having short hair is one of the most acceptable styles among Viking people, making it quite famous among other warriors like Spartans.

4. Shaved Head 

Another interesting hairstyle among Vikings was that they had shaved heads. All Viking men believed in keeping their hair at an appropriate length, so they had shaving heads instead.

The shaved head gave them a clean-cut appearance, and they looked like fierce warriors with tousled hair.

Vikings were known for their long hair and beard. However, it is quite unusual to see a Viking man with a long curly or straight black beard or mustache and long hair simultaneously.

The hairstyle of Vikings gave them a unique appearance, making them quite admirable to other warriors. 

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What were common hairstyles for Viking women?

Viking women around were equally stylish but never as much as their men. Viking women wore clothes of different styles and colors according to the season and weather.

However, they didn’t have much variety in hairstyles. The popular hairstyles among women were free-flowing or braided long hair, long hair tied in a single knot, or hair tucked into a bun for married women.

Here’s a rundown of popular hairstyles of Viking women:

1. Long hair (Free Flowing/Braided) – Long hair was one of the most popular hairstyles among Viking women. Most of them wore their hair long, but some preferred to keep them short or just a few inches. However, they all simply believed in keeping their hair at the appropriate length suited to the occasion.

2. Single Knot Long Hair – Young working women of Vikings society used to have long hair tied in a single knot. This hairstyle was convenient and provided comfort for women while working. The knots were tied in the free manner in which hair hanged like a ponytail. 

3. Single Bun Hair – Another hairstyle that was more popular among married Viking women was that they tied their long hair in a single bun. The bun made their hair look neat, ending the struggle to maintain it regularly.

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What Did The Vikings Used To Cut Their Hair? 

Viking men used different tools for cutting their hair to maintain their side shaved and completely shaved hairstyle.

Since there was no luxury of having proper hair-cutting tools, anything with a sharp edge was used by Viking men.

What Did The Vikings Used To Cut Their Hair? 

From sharp-edged farm tools to weapons like swords and axes, Vikings used different items for cutting their hair.

Some of the most popular hair-cutting tools of Viking men are shared here:

  1. Some men used household tools like sharp knives and daggers for routine hair cutting.
  2. On the battlefield, Viking men used sharp edges weapons like swords to maintain their hairstyle.
  3. Scissors were found in many Vikings age burial sites, which means scissor was also an option.
  4. U-shaped and c-shaped iron-made scissors.
  5. Any sharp-edge object that can cut hair.
  6. In desperate times, axes were also used to cut hair.

Does History Channel Get Viking Hairstyles Right?

History Channel is one of the most popular TV channels that work on the exploration of ancient times and lifestyles.

However, that doesn’t mean we can believe everything this TV channel presents. History Channel has done a wonderful job in exploring the Viking lifestyles and culture through its Vikings series.

Does History Channel Get Viking Hairstyles Right?

However, according to the show’s creators, there is no evidence to find exactly what Vikings looked like.

However, there were many creative liberties and modifications in portraying the Viking lifestyle to get engagement from viewers.

Some people argue that there is no evidence of any Viking men shaving any part of their heads.

However, the reverse mullet style of Vikings was found in many tapestries and wood carvings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Viking hairstyle called?

Viking hairstyle is referred to as “Reverse Mullet,” in which the hair on top is grown long while the sides of the head are shaved. 

2. How do you do a Viking girl hairstyle?

For making a Viking girl hairstyle, you need to have long hair. Now, tie your hair in a single knot and leave it hanging like a ponytail or simply make a bun at the back. 

3. Why did Vikings wear long hair?

Vikings kept their hair long to provide shelter to their head in cold northern environment. It is also said that long hair was a sign of appreciation and beauty.  

Final Words

Vikings are also famous for their fierce nature, die-hard attitude, and unique hairstyles. The common hairstyle among all Viking men was long hair.

However, few also liked to keep their shaved head for their convenience. 

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