Viking Hairstyles For Women Ideas In 2022

Viking Hairstyles For Women Ideas In 2022 

According to historical evidence, Viking females wore their hair long in the front and short in the back, creating a reverse mullet. We’ve put together some incredible Viking hairstyles that will allow you to channel your inner warrior.

  1. Shield Maiden Braids
  2. Decorated Braids
  3. Torvi Braids
  4. Viking Fishtail
  5. Freydis Waves

We don’t know what their hair exactly looked like due to a lack of written records. However, owing to numerous depictions of Vikings in films, Viking hairstyle enthusiasts have developed a Viking hairstyle that’s here to stay. Many stylists have fused traditional Viking traditions with modern techniques to create unique hairstyles.

What Is the Viking Hairstyle?

Viking hairstyles are depictions of hairstyles used by the Vikings of Scandinavia. Viking women, in particular, are recorded as having long, braided hair, and present-day Viking hairstyles are based on those records.

These fashions, however, are not appropriate for everyday wear. When the situation calls for it, though, one of these complex hairstyles may be a lot of fun. If you enjoy braided hairstyles, you’ll adore these looks, as Viking hairstyles frequently feature intricate braiding.

15 Best Viking Hairstyles For Women

We’ve put together 15 incredible Viking hairstyles that will allow you to channel your inner warrior.

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1. Shield Maiden Braids

This is a classic female Viking appearance that combines numerous types of braids to form a complex hairdo.

Viking Hairstyle For Females

From the large braid on the crown of the head to the smaller braids that wrap around the head, these plaits mean business. It is a fantastic old-meets-new design that captures the original Viking look.

2. Decorated Braids

It is a hairstyle that incorporates braid embellishments to offer a stylish touch. The plaits on the sides of the head are embellished with barrel-style beads that run across the weaving of the braids to create a lattice look.

3. Torvi Braids

This elaborate design is inspired by the TV series Vikings and resembles the haircuts worn by the character Torvi. This hairstyle has a lot going for it, with rows of beaded braids and one enormous center braid that opens out to a cascade.

4. Viking Fishtail

The fishtail braid is a popular braid design, and while it is typically linked with modern hairstyles, it looks well with Viking hairstyles. It has a big braid adding a dramatic touch, and the quantity of beads reinforces the Viking theme.

5. Freydis Waves

This is yet another look inspired by the TV show Vikings character Freydis, who is frequently seen with exceptionally long and wavy hair. The light grey-blonde hair color is an essential feature of this style since it is the most commonly associated with Viking ladies.

6. Viking Mohawk

There is a huge braid in the middle which adds volume and produces a mohawk-like shape that extends all the way from the fringe to the back of the head. There are also side braids with a lot of beads and ornaments.

Viking Hairstyles For Women

7. Two-Toned Viking

This hairstyle features two-toned hair that shows off both hues. The top of the hair is black, but the long braids are almost all brown.

8. Woven Braids

In this hairstyle, braids overlap and are embellished with countless gems and pearls, making the hair nothing short of magnificent. As if that weren’t enough, the tiny braids connect to form a larger braid that may be worn to one side for a hint of asymmetry.

9. Viking Volume

Viking females were notorious for having a lot of hair, as you can probably guess from the styles we’ve seen thus far.   This hairstyle combines a little of both length and volume. There are a lot of sheer lengths here, but there are also plenty of volumes that allow the hair to stretch out.

10. Multi Braid

This multi-braid look has everything from small fishtail braids to massive pull-throughs. It has the basic framework of a Viking braided hairstyle, but the braid styles are more diversified, giving this style a unique look.

11. Lagertha Plaits

This hairstyle, inspired by the warrior Lagertha, consists of a slew of little plaits bunched together at the crown of the head to form a braided quiff. The gold side ornaments give a lot of Viking flavor to this already intimidating outfit.

12. Viking Flow

This Viking hairstyle is long and flowing, and it commands confidence as well as elegance. A big braid is practically hidden behind long hair that falls over the shoulders, with little braids trailing from the sides. The braids here come in a wide range of sizes to produce distinct textures and depth.

13. Neon Viking

This black and pink hairstyle is perhaps the boldest look on this list, and is characterized by a large braid which also creates that mohawk effect. Even without the color, this is a scary Viking look that’s a lot of fun.

14. Viking Infinity Braids

This is an infinity braid (similar to a fishtail braid) using a milkmaid braid and wavy hair. The braid combination is what gives this hairstyle its Viking character.

Viking Hairstyle For Females

15. Rope Braids

Lastly, here’s a complex braided hairstyle suitable for both a maiden and a warrior. The braids are interlaced such that they become smaller as they descend, which is both fashionable and fulfilling. Finally, the hair is pulled back into a large ponytail for added volume.

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Things To Consider For Viking Haircut

There’s no denying that Viking haircuts are cool. However, because these designs are frequently intricate, they require good thought. Here are a few things you need to consider that will hopefully help guide you to a decision:

  • Viking hairstyles require a lot of effort, but they are not permanent – Because most of these designs are simply a series of braids, you won’t need to make any long-term changes to your hair. This makes it simple to flaunt a Viking style on a Sunday and return to work with normal hair on Monday.
  • Work with someone who knows their braids – For a fantastic Viking hairstyle, find a stylist who has braiding experience. Typical Viking styles feature a variety of braids, so if your stylist doesn’t have a lot of experience with braids, you might not obtain the best results.
  • If length is an issue, consider braided extensions – Viking styles look best with natural hair, but if you want to acquire substantial length without spending months growing your hair out, try some braided extensions.

Is The Viking Hairstyle Right For You?

Yes, Viking hairstyles are a lot of fun, and nothing else compares. They’re very useful for cosplay and LARPing. Even if you like regular hairstyles, the magnificent braids utilized in Viking styles may provide a lot of inspiration. A Viking hairstyle will dramatically increase your appeal and make heads turn around.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did female Vikings wear their hair?

Women’s hair was typically long. It was most likely tied into a knot on the back of the head, and the knot was mostly adorned with colored tape braided into the hair.

2. What is Viking-style hair?

Viking hairstyles are frequently distinguished by long, thick hair on top and back of the head, as well as shaved sides.

3. How do I get a Viking to look?

Undercut designs are a great way to get a Viking appearance with a modern twist. Also, consider growing a beard to add a Viking touch to your outfit.

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