Valkyrie Winged Symbols In Tattoos

Valkyrie Winged Symbols In Tattoos

People love having tattoos on their bodies as styling accessories. Nowadays, men and women both have an increased fascination with doing Valkyrie winged symbols in tattoos.

Although nobody knows the birthplace of the symbol, that does not stop people from having tattoos on their bodies. That is because the tattoo represents the Norse mythological symbol related to Valkyrie which shows courage and bravery.

However, scholars thought that the wings in the symbol represent the strength of Valkyrie’s speed of flying on horseback, while Odin’s knot depicts changes from life to death. 

Who Were The Valkyries?

Valkyries were mythological entities depicted in Norse mythology. They were female warriors who were extremely strong, beautiful, and bold.

Valkyrie Winged Symbols In Tattoos

Odin, the main god in Norse mythology, chose maidens from heaven and sent them on earth to bring the souls of worthy deceased warriors. The maidens with that responsibility were known as Valkyrie winged symbols in tattoos.

They ride on horses and fly through air and clouds to reach battlefields and search for worthy soldiers to be brought to Odin’s place in Valhalla.

And there the chosen soldier gets eternal peace. However, valkyries did not always take a soldier’s life; sometimes, they also helped them in the field if they found him worthy.

Valkyrie means “chooser to slaught “in the old Norse language. The most famous valkyries are Freya and Brynhild. On one hand, Freya represents love, battle, fertility, and death, while Brynhild is a highly accomplished warrior.

What’s The Difference Between Shield Maidens and Valkyries?

In Norse mythology, Shield Maidens are represented as strong, young Viking women who decided to fight in a war with fellow male soldiers.

They were mortal, beautiful, and had all human entities like having human parents and living on earth with other humans. In mythology, they were mentioned as unmarried and had attitudes and tempers like men.

Additionally, their characteristics made them perfect for fighting in a war alongside other warriors. Some portions of old Norse mythology literature also mention they possessed supernatural powers.

However, the main difference between Shield Maidens and Valkyrie is that the former are mortal and have a human linkage. But the latter one is immortal and does not possess any connection to the mortal world.

Valkyrie Winged Symbols In Tattoos

What Is The Valkyrie Symbol?

In Norse mythology, one can notice some variations in the Valkyrie symbol. However, the traditional symbol of wings and a long staff in between two wings is used widely in Valkyrie winged symbols in tattoos.

 The wings in the symbol narrate the capability of Valkyries to fly through air and water to do their task. Who is chosen to slaughter the right warrior on the battlefield and bring him to Valhalla for his afterlife? In some symbols shown in Norse mythology, a Nordic knot is present between two wings.

The knot symbolizes the connection between life and death. The knot is also known as Odin’s knot. Apart from the traditional symbol, some varieties have Awe symbols with wings that depict courage and bravery.

The traditional symbol does not contain any text, but sometimes Viking text has been seen beside the symbol.

Where Does The Valkyrie Symbol Come From?

Nobody knows where the Valkyrie symbol has come from. Scholars and researchers are still searching for the answers regarding the birthplace.

However, the Valkyrie symbol is one of the most famous symbols of Norse mythology that narrates the female power and honor of the Viking age. And also emphasizes the philosophy of the Viking way of life and their belief in fate and destiny.

The Valkyrie symbol consists of two wings and a single or double staff. Where the wings narrate the speed at which they fly through air and water on horseback and Odin’s knot shows a changeover between life and death.

What Animals Represent Valkyries?

Well, they were strong female warriors of Norse mythology with supernatural powers. But they also like the companionship of certain animals. In Norse mythology, scholars had seen that Valkyrie often went to battlefields with black ravens.

Valkyrie Winged Symbols In Tattoos

They were fond of avian creatures, and the black raven was one of them. While Valkyrie engaged in choosing and taking the desirable warriors, ravens ate the rest of the soldiers on the battlefield. Not only ravens but swans were also very close to them. Sometimes they changed their shapes into swans to fly from a place.

Those who did that magic are known as “Swan Maidens”. In addition to that capability, legends also said that a swan maiden would fall in love with a human male if he managed to steal a feather from her.

Valkyries used horses to fly as their horses had wings. Some old Norse mythology indicates valkyries were also very close to giant wolves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of the Valkyrie wings tattoo?

Valkyrie wings tattoo depicts the Valkyrie symbol of Norse mythology. The symbol is a representation of strong female warriors known as Valkyrie. Not only that, but the symbol also represents courage and gallantry. So anyone who flaunts the tattoo is trying to show mental and physical power and bravery.

2. What do Viking tattoos mean?

The original fact is Vikings also marked tattoos on their bodies to show respect for family and their culture. Their tattoos often represent power, strength, oath to their Gods, immense devotion to battle, and lifestyle. So choose from the varieties of  Viking tattoos you want to get on your body. One famous tattoo is the Valkyrie winged tattoo, representing the strength of Norse mythological female warriors Valkyrie.

3. Can guys get Valkyrie tattoos?

Yes, guys can get Valkyrie tattoos. The tattoo is popular with both males and females. That is because the Valkyrie tattoo not only represents the power of females but also narrates courage and bravery. So a guy who wants to show his mental and physical strength through tattoos can get a Valkyrie tattoo.

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