How Did Thor Get His Hammer In Norse Mythology?

How Did Thor Get His Hammer In Norse Mythology? Get The Facts

Thor, the Norse thunder god, is commonly seen with Mjolnir, his magical hammer. Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is an instantly identifiable emblem, appearing in everything from Viking amulets to Marvel superhero comic books and movies.

But people still have questions in their minds such as “ How was Thor’s hammer made” or “How did Thor get his hammer” etc.

Thor’s hammer was named Mjolnir. It was a very remarkable weapon that had the potential to kill giants, bless people and marriages, and bring back dead people to life. Mjolnir has had a strong historical background as that of Thor.

Whenever we talk about Thor, we can never ignore the discussion about his hammer. Thor and his hammer are considered to be inseparable.

Who Gave Thor His Hammer? 

One of the two primary Norse mythological sources, Snorri’s Prose Edda, tells the tale of how Thor’s hammer was made.

According to the story, Thor receives his hammer from the dwarf Brokkr as payment for a bet made by Loki. Loki, who owes Thor a favor, persuades the dwarves to forge Mjolnir and other exquisite items for the gods.

The trickster god Loki begins the story by cutting the hair of Sif, the goddess who is married to Thor. Furious on behalf of his wife, Thor threatens to attack Loki. He barely manages to stay unharmed by agreeing to go see the dwarves, who really can forge Sif’s new hair out of gold.

how was thor's hammer made

When Loki meets with the Ivaldis sons, they agree to make Sif’s gold hair. They also create a deadly spear and a quick ship that fits into one’s pocket.

Loki, however, sees an opportunity to acquire additional gifts for the gods rather than returning to Asgard. He approaches two dwarves named Sindri and Brokkr, also known as Eitri, and issues them a task.

He makes a bet that they would be unable to create three objects that are as exquisite as the ones Ivaldi’s sons created. Loki assures Brokkr and Sindri that if they would win the wager, he will have to give them his head.

After accepting, Sindri and Brokkr begin to create a gold-based living boar. The dwarves continue working despite being bit by a fly—which scholars believe to be a shape-shifting Loki in disguise. They then construct a golden ring that generates eight identical rings every nine days.

The fly bites Brokkr in the eye as the dwarves are forging a battle hammer. He forges a hammer of unmatched strength while working in the dark, but the handle is visibly too short.

The fly, according to Sindri, almost destroyed the hammer.

Brokkr and Loki travel to Asgard to deliver their gifts to the gods. Frey was given the ship and the boar, while Odin was given the Gungnir spear and the Draupnir magic ring.

The hammer and golden hair of Thor were given to him.

The gods determine that Mjolnir is the greatest gift of all, and Brokkr and Loki win in their wager. Loki avoids being beheaded, but his mouth is stitched shut because of his cunning speech.

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The Marvel Movies Version

Mjolnir is a gift from Odin to his son Thor in the Marvel movies. On the star Nidavellir, there exists a race of dwarves known for their metalworking skills. They work the dying star’s core to make the hammer, as instructed by Odin.

The dwarves’ commander is given the fictitious name Eitri, which is Sindri’s alternate name.

What Is Thor’s Hammer Made Out Of?

The workings, appearance, and material of Mjolnir are not described in Norse mythology. Rather than focusing on the hammer’s composition, Snorri prefers to describe the tool’s capabilities.

According to myth, iron or an alloy of iron and another metal makes up Thor’s hammer. One statement in the Prose Edda, “Sindri placed the iron in the hearth,” is the only clue to the composition of Mjolnir’s materials. It is very strange that Thor’s hammer is made up of iron and not from any magical material.

how was thor's hammer made

Mjollnir wins in a competition against Draupnir, the ring that can create an endless supply of gold rings, and Skidbladnir, the wooden ship that can disintegrate into Frey’s pocket. The gods prefer a hammer made of iron with a short handle to flawless gold.

Mjolnir seems to be a little more fascinating than basic iron because of the Marvel films. In the movies, the dwarves manufacture a unique metal called Uru in the core of a collapsing star to create Thor’s hammer.

This brings up a point to notice that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) slightly deviates its story from the real mythological facts. This catches up audience’s interest and excitement for a fascinating object.

Do Marvel Movies Depict Thor’s Power Accurately?

In Norse mythology, Thor’s powers are not precisely known. Although he is linked to thunder and lightning, he hardly ever generates storms. Without his hammer as well as with it, he is tremendously powerful. He can defeat the majority of enemies and purify locations, things, and unions with the help of Mjolnir.

The abilities of Thor are inaccurately portrayed in Marvel films. In the movies, Thor can fly with his hammer, and call lightning much more frequently than in myth, and Mjolnir’s significance as a holy object is disregarded.

The capacity of Mjolnir to empower items is not shown in any of the Marvel films. In mythology, Thor’s hammer can be used for both purification and destruction. In one account, it can revive Thor’s beloved goats and bless marriages.

Marvel’s Mjolnir is essentially a weapon and not much of a holy thing. However, several scenes refer to its various mythological meanings.

how was thor's hammer made

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner use Mjolnir to produce a lightning bolt that appears to bring the Vision to life. This seems to be more about using electricity to provide life than it is about the holiness of Mjolnir.

Only those who are “worthy” in the eyes of Marvel can hoist Mjolnir.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How was Thor’s hammer made in Norse mythology?

In Norse mythology, Thor received his hammer, Mjolnir, from the dwarves Brokkr and Sindri (also known as Eitri), after Loki bet with them to discover which of them was a superior blacksmith. The hammer was made from iron.

2. What was Thor’s hammer made out of?

In Norse mythology, Thor’s hammer was made up of iron or an amalgamation of iron and some other metal.

3. How was Thor’s hammer made in the MCU?

The MCU presented Thor’s hammer in a more exciting way. The dwarves had created Thor’s hammer from a special material called Uru. This material was manufactured in the core of a collapsing star.

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