Vikings Season 3 Premiere Date & Teaser Trailer #2!

Vikings-Episode 2.03 - Treachery (2)_595_slogoGreat news! The looooong wait for Vikings Season 3 won’t be much longer now.

The History Channel announced through its social pages (Twitter and Facebook) the premiere date for Season 3! Now we can finally set our DVRs!

…drumroll please…

The premiere date is on…

Praise Oden! The gods have finally answered our prayers!

In case you missed it…here’s the newest teaser trailer #2 for the upcoming season as well! You can watch it below.

Vikings 2.04 Promo “Eye For An Eye”

Vikings-Episode 2.04 - Eye for an Eye (1)_595_slogo

What happens when Vikings seek revenge?

Find out in next week’s promo!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

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